How to make a loan application with bank

We have already reviewed some tips to keep in mind before applying for your loan in Good Credit, and now we want to give you some tips that are important to keep in mind during the creation of your Good Credit account and your credit application.

How to register in Good Credit

After completing the credit calculator on our website www.Good, (choose the value you wish to request, the term to which you wish to pay your credit and review the interest and other charges associated with your loan); you must click on “REQUEST YOUR CREDIT” which will take you to “CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT IN Good Credit” We recommend you review: What to consider before applying with Good Credit.

Create your Good Credit account

In “CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT IN Good Credit” we will request your personal information in order to create your Good Credit account, and with it, you can request your credit or check your discounts, coupons and much more. It is important that in your registry you review each of the data you enter since you will not be able to correct them later.

When you have completed everything correctly, you can click on “Register” and thus create your Good Credit account, then the page will redirect you to the first step of the application form.

Remember: when creating your Good Credit account, you have not yet requested your credit. It is essential that you complete the entire process so that the system can give you an answer.

The system tells me that my ID or email number is already registered

If the system informs you that your ID or email number is already in use, it means that you have previously created your Good Credit account and will be offered the option of entering “ My Account ” by typing your ID number and your corresponding password; If you do not remember your password, you will also find the option “ I forgot my password ” to recover it. Once you enter “My account” you can request your credit through the “ REQUEST A LOAN ” button.

How does the application formwork?

The application form is the means by which you start your credit application, and where you indicate your personal, work information and personal references so that we can generate a financial profile according to your needs.

Your personal information

In “ Your personal information ” you can enter in more detail the information you included in the registration form, as well as additional information about where you live and how we can contact you. Remember to complete each field so that the system allows you to continue to the next step.

Keep in mind:

  • You do not need to enter a middle name or your middle name, both are optional fields.
  • The number corresponds to the telephone code of your city or area of ​​Colombia where you live is mandatory, remember that it is a number between 0 and 9.
  • In case of not having a fixed number in your residence; You can enter either your workplace, a family member or friend.

Your work information

“ Your work information ” corresponds to the information on how you obtain your income, whether as an employee, independent, student, unemployed, pensioner or you are dedicated to household chores.

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