Car loan: receive cash from the car pawnshop.

Life is getting more and more expensive. Whether rising costs of living or the broken washing machine: Nowadays people have to deal with a financial bottleneck quickly. In such situations, asking your own bank for help usually brings nothing but mockery and ridicule to customers. The last – and by the way also much more uncomplicated – way to short-term liquidity is hidden behind the magic word “car deposit loan”.

Companies and private individuals can process them at Autoshop unbureaucratically and thereby get an attractive mortgage loan for the car . Fair conditions, transparency and a high degree of seriousness characterize the German car pawnshop, which has made a name for itself as a competent contact for short-term bridging loans.

Loaning cars for a mortgage: Where is that possible?

By the way, this is the right place for you if you want to lend additional vehicles (motorcycles, campers, sports boats, trucks and vintage cars). However, we know from experience that most of our customers want a mortgage loan and want to loan their car for it.

How do I get a mortgage loan for the car?

Even if your car is the focus of a mortgage loan, it all starts with you: You provide us with the most important information about your car that you want to mortgage at Autoshop. Keep data about the vehicle type , the mileage or installed extras ready. The condition of the vehicle and the initial registration also have an impact on the deposit value of the vehicle. This is the basis for the amount of your car loan. If they agree with you, we can already make an appointment. Everything can be finalized on that, if you think of the required documents like

  • deregistration certificates
  • registration document
  • vehicle registration
  • Evidence of subsequently installed extras.

Pawn car loan: How long does the car loan run?

If you have everything with you, we can sign the mortgage loan agreement and pay you the cash. Then your mortgage loan runs until the regular term of three months . You will get your car back after 90 days. Of course, you have to pay the costs incurred. This also applies if you want to extend the car pawn shop . This is possible for three more months. It is also conceivable to prematurely trigger your car deposit if, for example, you have unexpectedly bridged your financial bottleneck quickly and can pay your outstanding payments earlier than expected. A simple call is enough. Are you interested in selling your car ? Give us a call!

Loaning a cheap car loan: What costs do I have?

If you loan your car for a mortgage, this is associated with costs. We communicate this to our customers in a very transparent manner, as we see this as an important pillar of our serious service. The costs that come your way are suspended

  • interest
  • Fees as well
  • demurrage

together. We charge the parking fee daily, so that $ 2.50 per day is paid to the pawnshop of your car. With regard to fees and interest, we of course adhere to the legal requirements : the fees amount to a maximum of 3.5% of the loan amount, while the interest does not exceed 1%. Those two pillars are monthly – to the day.

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